John P. Siebert

Marketing Guru & Web Professional

At a young age, Siebert began teaching himself the necessary tools to gain access into the advertising industry. By the time he was 17, Siebert was hired by a reputable ad agency in New York City as head designer/programmer. That same year, he started his first dot com site, Siebert's self-taught talent in graphic design and programming lead to his accumulation of loyal clientele. With the overwhelming and unexpected success of the company, John needed more space to grow. moved into a "soho shiek" studio style office in Long Island. The design and sales staff were doubled and new projects were underway. It was time to brand not only the work but the future of what was so obviously a growing, successful endeavor. Infinite Media Corp. was born. Siebert was barely 19.

Infinite Media Corp. skyrocketed with an impressive list of clients in the auto, film, apparel and aviation industries. Siebert's reputation for developing successful business relationships, innovative practices and word of mouth advertising earned him unparalleled recognition. At the age of 22, Infinite Media Corp. had brought in over $500,000 in Net revenue. The following year, the young CEO made the cover story of Long Island Business Newspaper after word got out that Infinite Media Corp had more than doubled its net revenue, totaling $1.2 million. In the article, Siebert contributes his newly acquired success to being young and agressive. Meaning, he knew how to grow with and ahead of the times and incorporated that into his approach to graphic design and advertising.

At 25, John Siebert was ready to start heading in a new direction, literally. He opened a new branch that would cater to his clientele in the south. With his laptop in-tow, John moved to Tampa, Florida and yet again found success in rebranding. Living on Florida's Gulf Coast beaches inspired the creation of his Tampa web design company, Tranquil Blue. At the same time, over 1200 miles away, the infamous Surf Club at West Hampton Beach named Tranquil Blue to soley represent their internet marketing and search engine optimization services. Siebert helped launch the most successful opening day in the club's history with internet based promotions. The successful grand opening of Surf Club gave Tranquil Blue Advertising the credidation it deserved and needed to pursue other various enterprises.

Soon after, Siebert created Bam Products, Corp. It started with the site, which turned into his 2nd most profitable and accomplished dot com. This retail site proved Siebert to not only be a skilled graphic designer, but a talented salesman as well. By the time now defunct was 1-year-old, it had brought in over $800,000. It had also grown into several other sites including, and the newest creation Once these sites went up, John began developing an alliance with international companies to produce and import novelty products for his web sites.

Additionally Siebert and his stellar team of web design professionals have been venturing into the NYC Web Design market. Since search engine optimization is one of the key services of Siebert's Tranquil Blue company it is expected to be on the first page of Google this year. With the utmost confidence in his team, Mr. Siebert made a big splash in the country's most well known business market.

In the 4th quarter of 2019 Siebert came to the realization that the housing market had been underbuilding for the last 10 years and favoring buying existing homes. He believed the housing market will need to catch up with new home building for at least the next decade.

He then structured a deal to purchase an 49% equity stake in a woman owned general contracting company, Sugar Magnolia Management Solutions, established in 2016.

Leveraging experience in the technology sector streamlining many of the business' processes became a priority. Including developing systems for automated managing projects, client invocing, and subcontractor payments. His vision proved to be fruitfull and the company has nearly doubled gross sales and trippled the number of clients that are in contract to deliver consistent projects.

Contact John Siebert for business opportunities at 813-413-7799 or use the contact link above.